Latitude: 53.1423672, Longitude: -7.6920536


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Charles (From Ireland)(A58)  Abt 1795Ireland I1241
2 Bennett, Ellen (From Ireland)(A29)  2 Feb 1831Ireland I1368
3 Brooks, William (From Ireland)  Abt 1811Ireland I77
4 Conley, Bridget (From Ireland)(A31)  Abt 1840Ireland I1838
5 Conlon, Thomas (From Ireland)(A26)  Abt 1817Ireland I2252
6 Johnston, James (From Ireland)(A30)  Abt 1840Ireland I959
7 Martin, Mary (From Ireland)  Abt 1806Ireland I2146
8 McNanney, Dennis (From Ireland)  Abt 1829Ireland I3429
9 McNanney, Dennis (From Ireland)  Abt 1829Ireland I3421
10 Paddock, Helen Mar (From Ireland)  Abt 1829Ireland I3422
11 Pollock  Abt 1796Ireland I3420
12 Quinn, Ann (From Ireland)(A27)  Abt 1825Ireland I2063
13 Riddle, William (From Ireland)  Abt 1791Ireland I3427
14 Riddle, William (From Ireland)  Abt 1791Ireland I3419